Kite Runner: Amir and Violence [Discussion Answer]

Write an intelligent paragraph that explains the significance behind today’s discussion question.

When Amir gets beaten up, and nearly killed by Assef, why does he say he “felt healed.” (page 289) Contrast this with the earlier incident with Hassan and the pomegranate. What was the difference?

 Give specific examples from the text that support your opinions or clarify the issues, but please don’t summarize the novel. Instead, discuss the significant issues involved and draw connections to your own life, for example, or to a biblical worldview, issues that are related to human nature in general or Afghan people in particular.


            Violence seems to be an outlet for Amir to gather his thoughts and clear his mind. In both situations, there is a violent aspect that seems to alleviate Amir’s conscience. Prior to both incidents, he had been subject to immense internal turmoil, whether he was directly responsible (not standing up for Hassan) or indirectly responsible (what Hassan’s son Sohrab had to endure). The difference in these two situations is that in the earlier incident with the pomegranate, Amir was looking for someone to push the blame onto, whereas when he himself was beat up, he understood that he was to blame, and that the violence was a cleansing of sorts. Amir said that he felt healed by the pummeling most likely because it was what he thought he deserved for his past mistakes. Personally, I tend not to resort to violence to deal with my problems. Unfortunately, many people do resort to violence as a means to express their rage or sorrow, and I think that problems like murder or assault often stem from this.



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